Application Process
Application deadlines: March 31 and September 30.
Grant Notification dates: August 31 and February 28.

There is no special application or proposal form.  Applicants are to submit NINE (9) copies of each the following:

1.        A cover letter, summarizing the grant request, which is signed by the organization’s executive director and board

2.        A brief history of the organization including its founding, mission, major programs, population served and staff
(limit to 3 pages).

3.        A detailed description of the request, including a statement of need, population to be served, the purpose of the
grant and the timeline of the project including implementation and completion dates.

4.        A project budget including the amount requested from the Ridgecliff Foundation and from other sources, the
status of those other requests and the level of in-kind support.

5.        A detailed description of the specific methods that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

6.        The most current Financial Statement (audited, reviewed or compiled) or current IRS Form 990.

7.        The most recent Annual Report.

8.        The organization’s current budget including all sources of funding.  For funding from foundations, corporations
and government agencies, please indicate whether funding is pending or has been secured.

9.        A list of the current members of the Board of Trustees and Officers.

10.        A copy of the applicant’s letter from the Internal Revenue Service verifying tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) status.

The Foundation reserves the right to contact other Grantmakers and/or professionals in the field regarding any grant
request.  An on-site visit may be required prior to further consideration.

If you need further assistance, email

Completed applications should be mail to (do not mail your information with a “signature request”):

Ridgecliff Foundation
P. O. Box 26167
Fairview Park, OH  44126
Copyright (C)2013 Ridgecliff Foundation.